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On Saturday, February 10, 2018 at our annual team meeting we took a moment to recognize and thank 33 members, for 20 years of dedicated service to the task force, the citizens of New Jersey and all citizens of these great united states. Not only have these members made this great milestone, they were all part of the founding members of NJ-TF1.

Jim Bastan, Al Brenner, Gary Breuer, Joe Burlew, Doug Burrell, Kathy Conlon, Mike Corbo, Gus Crist, Lenny Dotson,

Steve Drennan, Scott Evans, Matt Fitzgerald, Kevin Fitzhenry, Mark Gose, Gary haszko, Jim Herbert, Tom Hoever,

Alice Holmes, Vinni Inzano, Brian Juncosa, Dan Kelly, Mike McMahon, Tom McNamara, Mike Moran, Kevin Morrissey,

Steve Peterson, Vic Petrucelli, Pat Pittore, Dr. James Pruden, Jim Riley, Dave Smolka, Gene Walsh and Kevin Zadroga

Congratulations to all

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